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Does Y5ZONE provide advertising designers or do I have to design an ad myself?

It is best that you obtain the services of your own designer and provide the materials in line with our specifications. However, if you are unable to do so and would like our assistance, we will assist you for a fee (do inquire first).

How often will my promotions be viewed and how often can I alter the specifics of my promotions that are currently on?

Your promotion will be viewed on the pre-login and post-login pages, and you may alter the specifics as long as you have an advertising account with Y5ZONE Malaysia.

Do I get to pick and choose which company advertises on my establishment’s login page, so as the user will not view advertising from a direct competitor on my network?

Y5ZONE subscribers will have the option to filter advertisements based on its category. E.g., if you’re operating a café and do not want your competitor’s advertisement shown on your login page, we will make sure it doesn’t go up on your login page.

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