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How long after signing up, will it take to get my Y5ZONE hotspot set up at my establishment?

An appointment will be made within three (3) working days and our staff should come by to set-up within another seven (7) working days. Your new Y5ZONE Hotspot will be up and running in about 2 weeks!

Are there any additional costs I may incur?

Only if you need wires extended or your setup requires something that is above and beyond what your current infrastructure can handle (a very rare occurrence). These costs may vary from RM500 upwards for wiring depending on the situation. You will be informed of all costs prior to installation.

What if I own a franchise or a store under a franchise?

As long as your principal or master franchisee does not govern your Wi-Fi service offering, Y5ZONE Wi-Fi hotspot service is definitely a must-have marketing tool. Otherwise, please seek advice from your principal/master franchisee first to avoid any complications.

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