Join the newest and most exciting Wi-Fi Hotspot community in Malaysia!

As the Largest Wholesale Wi-Fi Network Operator in Hong Kong, Y5ZONE is excited to spread its wings to Malaysia and create an all new mobile surfing experience. Come and be part of this vibrant new community and turn your Wi-Fi Hotspot into an interactive and rewarding online social experience that will excite your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Y5Zone Benefits


Providing a more rewarding online experience

Surfing with Y5ZONE is an entirely new and exciting online experience. Almost every interaction a user makes is rewarded with points – whether its registering, clicking on ads, liking a FB page, sharing a story or even just being online! These points or ‘XP’ accumulate until the user reaches a higher level. Every new level achieved rewards the user with credits, which can be exchanged for gifts or special discounts.

The higher the user level, the more credits they receive and the greater their rewards!


What happens if my establishment doesn’t have a Wi-Fi network set up already?

Y5ZONE is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP) so we do not resell Internet services but we can definitely help you out with some recommendations to get you started somewhere and if you want us to help you get everything in order, there may be a small fee (do inquire first).

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